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Utah Water Damage Restoration

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Salt Lake City Flood and Water Damage Restoration,/p> When it comes to Utah Flood and Water Damage Restoration and mold emergencies you can trust Utah Flood Repair, Utah Flood and Water Damage Restoration has been the main choice in the Salt Lake City Valley, Utah County, and Weber County.

Professional Restoration

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Keep you air quality clean

EPA. Mold, pollen and dust are just a few of the ingredients that make up the refuse in your heating & air conditioning duct system. Duct cleaning provides allergy relief, eliminates odors, reduces dust & house work. To keep the air in your home virtually pollutant free we now offer the best in home air purification systems from Utah Flood Repair and Water Damage Restoration.

Mold Removal

This is typically unseen

A mold problem in your home should not be ignored. Certain types of mold can cause serious health problems if allowed to spread unchecked. The mold remediation professionals at Salt Lake City Flood Repair and Water Damage Restoration take the fear out of mold with a mold removal process that is safe, affordable, and designed to create as little disruption as possible for you and your family..